Crypto-Currency on Online Poker
โ€ข CRYPTO-CURRENCY ON ONLINE POKER Mystic Poker will operate on Binance smart contract based crypto-currency protocols and will introduce a new crypto-currency. The most important advantage of using our crypto-currency is that you can buy it online no matter what geographic region you reside in. The second advantage is the speed of processing. Players can add or withdraw funds from their Mystic Poker account instantaneously. As a consequence, our cryoto-currency has enormous features. It will be available globally and can be purchased and tradable via reputable third-party exchanges, regardless the jurisdiction of the purchaser; however, it can only be used on the Mystic Poker platform from places where it is legally allowed to do so. In other words, our crypto-currency can be used to play poker on the Mystic Poker platform by any person who has rightful possession of it and is located in a Permitted Jurisdiction. Permitted Jurisdictions, include: Permitted Jurisdictions, include: (a) jurisdictions where Online Poker is legal as it is considered a game of skill; (b) jurisdictions where Online Poker is licensed by a legitimate authority; (c) jurisdictions where Online Poker is not governed by the laws of the jurisdiction where the person is located. This process addresses two of the major concerns identified above. It opens up previously closed geographical markets and bypasses banks, e-wallets and other third-party brokers who create distrust in the poker community and cause payment delays. Below you will find a depiction that demonstrates how our crypto-currency will flow through the Mystic Poker ecosystem.
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