โ€ข IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS The health of the Mystic Poker platform and all technical developments are subject to changes in the interpretation, application and regulation of gaming laws in multiple jurisdictions around the world. Sudden changes can impact the utility and value of the coin and the health of the Mystic Poker platform. Although this document details the Mystic Poker platform and its functionality, our crypto-currency is not limited to use only on this platform. The value of the coin will depend on the health of the platform and the adoption of its use by the general public, which can be impacted by many factors that are beyond the control of Mystic Poker. As such, neither the Mystic Poker, nor the coin make any representation as to the health of the Mystic Poker economy whatsoever. In addition, the ability to trade the coin outside of Mystic Poker may be impacted by third-parties and their trading policies. Again, this is beyond our control and Mystic Poker have any obligations related to the external trading of the coin. Please be advised that this document was originally drafted in the English language. Consequently, and without limitation, this original English language version shall prevail in the event that there are any inconsistencies, conflicts or uncertainties, of any kind whatsoever, between the original English version and any version translated into any other languages.
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